THUYA Vegan Line- Dye COFFEE


The four Thuya Vegan Dyes have been formulated with a completely plant-based alternative to animal keratin with high levels of performance and efficacy.

The active ingredient is a hydrolysed molecule derived from a combination of hemp and rice protein. The use of this active ingredient strengthens the hair and provides elasticity.


A new vegan active ingredient with luminescent properties with the ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation and emit visible light has also been added to the formula. Which translates into illumination.


The formula also contains Argan Oil, which penetrates the pores of the hair, improving its elasticity and flexibility, and Aloe Vera, which provides amino acids, vitamins and minerals for a healthier, shinier and more conditioned eyelash.


The colors are also an addition to the basic line of Thuya Brow & Lash Dye and can be mixed together.


Choose from 4 colors:

  • Vegan Black Night: The new color Black Night is a black shade with soft bluish highlights. It is the ideal shade for eyelashes.
  • Vegan Coffee: The new Coffee color is a brown shade ideal to enhance the look. With this new dye, a natural color is achieved on light eyelashes and very dark eyebrows.
  • Vegan Golden Brown: The new color Golden Brown is a light brown color with a soft golden touch.
  • Vegan Warm Grey: The vegan Warm Grey color is a taupe gray tone, a neutral tone. This shade is perfect for blending, for ash blonde, brown and very light brown hair.


Please Note: Thuya Special Solution Dye Cream 3% was already vegan.

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