Lash Lift Covers aka Compensators by Katya Vinog

Another one of a kind product from our lash lift queen Katya Vinog – THE COVER COLLECTION!

You might ask what exactly is a cover and why should I get one?

WHAT – The lash lift covers were created to perfect your lash lift results by

  • preventing solution evaporation
  • maximizing solution penetration
  • stabilizing the chemical process
  • ensuring the solutions stays in place
  • acting as a compensator to eliminate root tension
  • helping identify any lashes requiring re-positioning


WHY – because you want to ensure maximal lift results at every stage of the lash lift application and leave your customers drooling for next time with the results you just delivered with the help of these magical covers.


Each packages comes with one pair covers for each stage of the lash lift procedure:

Purple – to be used during step 1 processing to prevent solution evaporation and act as a stabilizer for the chemical processing.

Clear – to be used during step 2 processing to stabilize, prevent evaporation and root tension. The clear design also makes it super easy to identify any lashes requiring re-positioning after the placement. 

Black – to be used during the tinting process to evenly tint the lashes by being secured to the shield while ensuring the tint mixture does not seep into the waterline/eye causing that sting that we all know result into a very unpleasant customer experience.

Now you just need to pick your favorite affirmation or claim them all:

  • Badass – Stand out in a world full of copies
  • Shine – Like the brightest diamond in the universe
  • Slay – Like the queen that you are
  • F*ck it – To all the haters


As usual, made out of high quality silicone that is extremely soft and elastic. The Katya Vinog Lash Lift Covers were designed to perfectly mold on top of the Katya Vinog Lash Lift Shields. They are extremely easy to place and remove due to their ultra thin design.

Not to worry, they were designed to fit any shield on the market so feel free to pair them with your favorite lash lift shields.

It has been a long time waiting so act fast because you don’t want to miss out on these functional yet fun little covers. Helloooooo, even more amazing lash lift result!

Directions: After each use immediately clean with warm water and antibacterial soap followed by 3% hydrogen peroxide soak for 30 min. or 10 min. soak in 70% alcohol, followed by water wash to complete the sanitization. Let the patches air dry before placing back to the clear holder.

Available in packs of 3 with 4 different fun affirmative quotes to select from.

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  • 14 Days free refunds


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