🌟 Introducing MILKY MOUSSE: Elevate Your Beauty Ritual with Stronger, Healthier Brows and Lashes! 🌟

Discover the Power of Fision® KeraVeg18: Experience the revolutionary MILKY MOUSSE, expertly formulated with the magic touch of Fision® KeraVeg18 – a blend of 18 luxurious, plant-based amino acids. Embrace the future of beauty care as these potent amino acids work their enchantment, effortlessly penetrating each precious hair strand.

Unveil the Beauty Within: Indulge in the elegance of clean, vibrant brows and lashes that radiate your inner beauty. MILKY MOUSSE is your ultimate solution, skillfully designed with a mild sulfate-free base. Gently cleanse and degrease your skin, while nourishing each strand from root to tip. Say goodbye to fragility and hello to newfound strength and elasticity!

Your Canvas for Beauty Mastery: MILKY MOUSSE isn’t just a product – it’s your ultimate canvas for beauty artistry. Prepare your brows and lashes like a true pro, setting the stage for flawless beauty shaping and tinting. Unlock your creative potential as MILKY MOUSSE aids in fixing the dye, ensuring your stunning transformation lasts and lasts.


  • Powered by Fision® KeraVeg18 – 18 Plant-Based Amino Acids for Unmatched Efficacy
  • Sulfate-Free Base – Gentle on Skin and Hairs, No Compromises
  • Elevate Strength and Elasticity – Embrace Resilience, Kiss Fragility Goodbye
  • Beauty Shaping & Tinting Perfection – Your Dream Canvas Awaits
  • Your Beauty Ritual’s New BFF – Prepare for Beauty Greatness!

Join the MILKY MOUSSE Movement – Where Beauty Meets Strength, Where Elegance Meets Resilience.

Are you ready to sculpt your brows and lashes into works of art? Unleash your inner beauty artist with MILKY MOUSSE – Your Pathway to Stronger, More Beautiful Brows and Lashes!

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