The Leave-In Colour Fixing Fluid serves as the concluding step in the eyebrow and eyelash tinting procedure, offering remarkable benefits for both professionals and individuals seeking home care.

Featuring the revolutionary active ingredient, CHROMAZONE™, this fluid takes center stage in protecting hair color from fading and the damaging impact of UV rays. Its ingenious formulation envelops the hair’s cuticle with a safeguarding layer, effectively impeding the release of color molecules and preserving the true depth of the tint over time.

Beyond its color-preserving prowess, the fluid boasts a complex blend of supplementary components that extend comprehensive care. These components work harmoniously to nourish and strengthen hairs, providing a fortified defense against potential breakage.

Unveil a beauty regimen that exudes confidence, courtesy of the Leave-In Colour Fixing Fluid. Whether used by professionals seeking to enhance their services or individuals dedicated to daily at-home care, this product is an indispensable asset. Revel in the assurance that your tinted allure will remain both vibrant and enduring throughout the day.

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